Monday, October 19, 2009

a strange lurgy

We awoke to wind this morning, a real lashing presence. But we got up and rolled out at 5 am for a bit of a run. As we pedaled along the strand BoaB hollered over the wind - "do you want to run to Pallarenda?" and I said sure, just let me blow my nose, have a drink and compose myself. So off we took and scalded out to the point with a tailwind giving us a great deal of assistance. Then of course we had to turn and face bitter reality, and I was pleased that I did quite well into the wind for the journey home. I felt great, and really strong.

I stopped at the house and grabbed a quick bowl of oatmeal for the sufferfest that would be the dam ride while Scott went to work, I packed my bags and sat down for a quick check of the news online, and I hit the wall. I fell asleep in my chair, so I went to lie down for 'just a minute' and woke up an hour later drenched in sweat and cold.

I rugged up in a fleecy robe, took a Panadol and made a coffee, then a tea, then I went back to bed and slept. I woke up at noon feeling fairly OK, and grieving for my anticipated big start to the week. Good citizen that I am I even called and cancelled a doctor's appointment for the end of the day. I just hate having routine maintenance with a waiting room full of sick people!

I made a big pot of chicken/vegetable soup. I better be OK tomorrow because I really want to ride. I enjoy a bit of quality down time, but one day is enough!

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