Sunday, November 8, 2009

back from Cairns

We had a quick trip to Cairns this weekend and caught up with family. We don't do this often enough, and with a race every weekend of the winter we will try and pack in some more visits while the wet season keeps riding time low.

Speaking of the wet season, it seems to have arrived in Cairns, they must have had a good 60mm by now. It started just before normal cycling time (around 5:30) so there was no ride today. It absolutely bucketed down, and was still pelting when we left around 10:30. It will be nice to see the place looking greener, it was really dry.

The rain ran out around Tully, and it is still the dry season in Townsville. Maybe soon though, we'll get our green change.


Theresa said...

We got some rain here on the weekend. Saturday I went to Maggie and got a bit soaked, and it rained all night Saturday and part of Sunday morning. My plants are loving it. My clothes drying on the line, not so much.

Dee said...

It wasn't obvious in my yard, thanks for the update! Hopefully the footpath will start to de-crunch underfoot, we never water beyond the fence and it is pretty dire.