Friday, November 20, 2009

back to normal

I don't have much of a mapping blog today. I did think about mapping, as you do. It was my op day, I get one a month for working a little extra every day, so I read a lot of mapping blogs, cleaned and pulled weeds in the garden. Actually, I thought a lot about mapping as I was doing chores, this is the benefit of an engaging occupation. I thought about crowd sourcing, and government reluctance to freely supply large scale data of any type, and how Google has changed the world forever. We live in an information age, and it is truly a revolution that the supply chain of spatial information can now bypass the government, and frequently does.

I thought about the still ongoing debate about the relevance and future of cartography. This is a debate that seemed to begin about the time of my graduation in 1981, and has raged and ebbed and gotten more interesting year by year. And still the paycheques roll in, and I wish I was twins to do everything that needs doing, and my wee empire at the Uni would collapse if it wasn't for the slave labour I employ from Germany in the form of trainees.

The more data we have the more important it becomes that somebody understands how to sort it, group it, and show it to us in a way that makes sense. I'll keep training young people to do that, because we have more data every day, and I think cartography will always be relevant, and I think the debate will go on forever while we get on with doing the work.

It has been hard taking a week off the bike, as well as the blog. I started Alberto's training program, and wisely it starts with a soft week. This is helpful to people who don't ride a lot as it helps them ramp up. For people who probably ride too much it works like going on vacation from work, you promptly fall ill with whatever you were holding at bay with adrenalin and sheer determination. So I have limped through my slow rides, and I probably will only watch the race that has popped up on Sunday, because I know race fit doesn't feel quite like this. I had full blown bronchitis last time I raced and I am so not going back there!

So here is to Geography Awareness week and cycling, a match made in heaven. Celebrate by pulling up a map, and taking a ride this weekend to somewhere near you that looks interesting, and where you have never been. Geography is discovery.
So I hope you have not been too mystified by the mapping, and have all kept riding


Bluenoser said...

Thanks for that Dee. I believe I'll pull the map book out and do that Saturday.

And then The first Cross race, and second last for the year, on Sunday.


Dee said...

Bummer that you will get only a couple of races this year, but go out and have fun.

chrisp said...

Did you ever think about contributing to ?
There are quite a few white spots still in Australia.

Dee said...

I will have to look at that. As you know, I am always flat out busy, but for cycling, I find the time ;) Nice to see Munich on my traffic feed!