Wednesday, November 25, 2009

easy commute

Since I started following AMRs training plan, I have struggled with the 'easy commute'. I go into the zone and end up pounding away on autopilot, or I struggle against a headwind which makes a mockery of easy and turns slow into a struggle. If I catch a tailwind it is easy, but as we all know, tailwinds are the rarest type.

Anyhow, I am enjoying it so far. I need to figure out where to go to find some required rolling hills (up on Harvey's Range, about a 150km return trip) and how to fit the ride in around a fund raiser for the cycling club this weekend, and is that too ambitious for this early in.... and all that stuff. I am an inexperienced athlete so this is all new to me.

Tomorrow will be a landmark day. My morning ride combined with the commute home should see me hit the magic 10,000 km mark for the year. Indeed I won't turn for home until I have it, because I am SO close. This was my big goal for the year, and now I have all of December as the icing on the cake. Considering August was pretty skint in the mileage department while I traveled overseas I am well pleased.

I have to take a week off work (with pay) the week after Christmas, because they close the Uni down. How many kms can you do in the summer heat? hmmmmm...


Bluenoser said...

I am very so much in awe and could tell the miles you had under your belt when you were here this past summer Dee.

I'm pretty humbled by your accomplishment. 10,000k WooHoo!!!!

Your friend up north.


Groover said...

Awesome achievement, Dee! Well done. Riding in the summer heat? Leave early! I know that's hard when you're on holidays but it's at least still somewhat cool(ish).

Dee said...

Early is easy, the sea eagles in the gum tree at the end of the garden make sure we know it is 4:30 am. I like the summer, so I won't stop just because I have arrived at my destination! My training plan challenges and inspires.