Wednesday, November 18, 2009

International GIS Day

Here I am showing off my blog to 120 high school students who have gathered to celebrate International GIS Day.

We had 4 Young Professionals from the Spatial Sciences present on what they do, how they got there, and why they love doing it. There was a field Exercise with GPS, and lots of SWAG.
Stress ball compliments of ESRI, pens from ESRI, Brazier & Motti (a big local survey firm) and pens and propaganda from James Cook University, because I do love JCU and am proud to work there. We don't teach cartography, but we do teach lots of other stuff with a "where in it".

There was morning tea with a special GIS Day cake, and you have to love that! There were also sandwiches, carrot cake and fruit, and I may have fallen off my diet...

ESRI supplied the morning tea too, and I think it impressed the attendees. This scene will look pretty exotic to all you North Americans, because you are not used to school uniforms. This is actually the school my son attended, and I loved the old blue check shirts and shorts that you could line dry and never iron, and that everyone felt a part of their school and very equal, because they all looked the same.
We had representatives from 4 high schools, and their teachers. They were a great group and really keen, and I hope they were excited by all the possibilities of a spatial career, and that I see a few of them in the future in our GIS lab.

The day didn't end there for the GIS professionals, we had an ESRI GIS Users Group meeting at the council chambers in the afternoon, where we all learned about new possibilities and future trends. I hope those students realize that learning sure doesn't end when you graduate, my head was spinning with all the possibilities and applications! You have to love a challenge to love the spatial sciences. Happy GIS day!

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