Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It is official, I am linked from the website with my bio and everything! http://blog.mywonderfulworld.org/2009/11/adella-edwards--large-scale-mapping-it-is-always-something-new.html

I was hoping to add links to some .pdfs of the vegetation maps, but haven't gotten permission yet, so we all have to wait. The launch will be soon.

I obviously like to map, and this blog is usually about cycling, so I will give you a link to a cycling map I just completed for the JCU BUG. I am the president of this group, so when there seems to be a problem with a mapping solution, I feel responsible for making it happen. We needed a cycling map to help students on campus, many of whom are not from Queensland, find their way safely by bicycle to the local shops and attractions. We included a ton of road rules, because newcomers can't be expected to know the local laws, and you will get dinged pretty quick by the police if you don't wear a helmet here.

here is the map - if you print it A4 two sided and then fold it in half 3 times it just fits in your jersey pocket!

It took a long time to do, not because it is a complex map, but because the data was non-existent or out of date or unverified. As per my last blog entry, large scale mapping is expensive, because you need the detail. I liaised with Townsville City Council, Main Roads and Queensland transport, getting a bit of data from each. I then verified and added (and deleted) data using my own local knowledge and the imagery in Google maps as 'field truthing'. This JCU map is a prototype using this data, and it will be further refined and developed for the whole City in 2010. I am working with the GIS unit in the council on this, they are a great bunch. As usual though, they were waiting on the perfect data to make the map, while I take the approach that you do your best, make the map, then solicit feedback for correction and refinement. People just adore finding mistakes on maps, and believe me, they will let you know!

So that is mapping blog #2. Tomorrows post will be delayed, because I will be off campus helping out with International GIS Day festivities and events at a local school. I promise to take some pictures and share the day. It should be fun.


Theresa said...

I realise this changes too often to effectively map, but wouldn't it be nice if there was a map of swooping magpie hotspots?!

Dee said...

I have thought about that! I figure we can get a Google app that time stamps the submissions, and add a disclaimer that the magpies swoop for about 3 weeks. I know my nemesis at the entrance to the bikeway opposite Gouldian Ave. is now too busy raising a family to bother with me, but for a couple of weeks he rang my bike helmet like a bell every morning! Scared the sh*t out of me every time too,