Monday, November 9, 2009

me time

Just back from some quality time on a 50 k loop. I can't imagine anything more soothing than a couple of hours alone with the ipod and a steady cadence. It is also fun to observe how variable wind conditions play havoc with speed. I settle in pretty quick to the 'pace of the day' and then I hold it for the long haul. Today I varied from 23 to 36 without a gear change or change of effort. No wonder we all dream about tail wind rides.

I was very grateful for the watering points along my ride today, I stopped for two fill ups. I only came home because hunger was starting to gnaw at my guts. When you are seriously contemplating cycling through a Maccas drive through it is time to go home for a healthy meal. So I have had a big nosh of leftovers and fruit, and I don't regret not having a burger!

Conditions remain unseasonably cool. I was out til 11am and it is not too hot out there. Overcast skies and a fresh sea breeze. Perfect.

Got to get the miles in before the rain sends us in for a rest.


Bluenoser said...

50k loop is a subsidiary of the parent company 50k loop NS™. Cease and desist or you will be hearing from my lawyer... just as soon as he gets in from repairing his lobster traps for the upcoming season. ;-)


Dee said...

Doh! Now I will have to use the evil Word for post authoring, in case I need to refer to a ©50 K Loop (patent pending). As for royalty payments – where do I mail the mangoes…

Bluenoser said...

To hell with the mangoes. I want muffins.