Sunday, December 13, 2009

the air con

I try to live a green life. I don't drive a car unless I can't avoid it. We only own one car, and it is a diesel. If I can figure out how to brew up cane toads into bio-diesel I will be very green indeed. We grow herbs, fruit and veggies, use bore water in the garden, have solar powered hot water, live in a well insulated and shaded passively cooled Queensland style high house. I guess that is why I feel so guilty. I have shut up the french doors and flanged on the air con because I am tired of having wet hair.

With all the goings on in Copenhagen this week it is hard being not green, but it is summer and you don't have to suffer if you have a thick skin. While the protesters roar and the politicians try to find a map for prosperity on a threatened planet, I am using air conditioning. I apologise. Consider it use of the carbon credits I have earned through the rest of the year.

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Bluenoser said...

That's OK Dee, just think of all the AC keeping all the servers keeping all the bits and bytes cool at Google... Nobody mentions all that. I'm sure all those bits and bytes love us for it.

No sweat.