Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year and all that

Well tomorrow is the last day of the year, so I am going for a ride and I'll get my totals all posted and all that jazz then.

BUT - I went to see Avatar today and I am excited. Yes the movie was gorgeous, and the story was moving (actually, I work in a parallel universe where the forces of good in the form of environmentalists battle with the forces of evil in the form of geologists every single day, in a university department which gives new meaning to "interesting times") ... but I digress.

Did you notice the holographic maps??!! Did you see the ash falling into your lap rather than on the screen? Did you marvel that you didn't get a crashing headache? I think about 3D visualization all the time, and this just blew me away. It was comfortable. I suppose I have a very well trained brain, but the 3D was deep and rich and natural. 6 of us went to the movie (3 spatial geeks) and the 3D experience was variable, which I found interesting, but all found it enriching. And it was all about the movie, not the 3D.

I'll have to see the movie again. I got distracted by the movie. I want to look critically at the value of 3D to the experience. This is spatial visualisation at a very high level, and I am excited about how the very foundations of cartography have just shifted out from under me - again. Good thing I am a change junkie, because my work (and so my life) has just changed forever...

interesting times indeed!

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