Wednesday, December 23, 2009

in the mood

I have had three days off work now (the weekends don't count!) and I only rode on Monday (the lights amble doesn't count). Monday I did a good 55 kms, and I was a basket case of exhaustion all day. So I have taken time off to expend my energy elsewhere, and I am amazed at how good I feel.

Every weekend we ride, and I fall over in the afternoon for a profound short nap, even if I am sitting up. I thought I was just getting old, but now I have had a couple of high energy days off I am rethinking things. I think I am not hydrating well enough. I drink more than I ever thought possible, but I don't think it is enough. At work I get through so much tea trying to keep my energy up that I think I am OK, but really, I am not. So I will try to get more plain water through my system in the future.

So what does a cyclist do with unexpended energy?
Shop, clean, and cook! Yesterday I made rum balls, Indian inspired bits and bites and Vietnamese chicken meatballs. All of this was consumed by cyclists, along with bratwurst and champers, so today I did another round. Here are another, bigger batch of bits and bites (for the non-Canadians that is nuts, cheerios (the cereal!!) and fried noodles, spiced and crisped in the oven, recipe to follow) ; another batch of rum balls (made with wheatbix) and a jar of curtido for tomorrows Christmas eve dinner of American ribs and pupusas. When I took this shot I was making salsa roja as well, and celebrating a day facing the stove with a champers (well I am on holiday after all).

And then I stopped to smell the flowers, and admire the contents of a parcel from Germany.

Matthias Hoefner was my very first cartographic trainee from Dresden, and I still just love him to bits. He sent me this globe tin full of yummy biscuits, but for a Cartographer the real beauty of the inside is the celestial globe. Thanks heaps mate!


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