Tuesday, December 22, 2009

summer christmas

Yes, the summer solstice was yesterday, and today we did a slow and kid friendly evening ride to enjoy the christmas lights in the local neighbourhoods. Warm, soft. We had to wait til nearly 7:30 for it to be dark enough to roll out.

We went up and down streets, lights ablaze (Ay Ups are the best, no lie) and lots of glow sticks to make us super visible. Being on bikes you can interact with the home owners who are in their yards watching the 'tourists' enjoying the displays. We sang carols, and shouted "thanks" and "well done" to those who were out in their yards.

And cars stopped for us, and made way and were super nice. Christmas is grand.
We ended at our house, where I had laid on some food and a LOT of champagne. Thanks for my sister and her husband in Nova Scotia for the flowers. It was really a lovely evening and now I am truly "in the mood" for Christmas.

There may be more photos later, as usual I didn't take the ones with me in them!

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