Thursday, December 31, 2009

time to tally up

Well we thought we would ride today, but 200mm+ of rain has kept us in, so I might as well do the final tally for 2009
Jan 908.1
Feb 676.2
Mar 1196.8
April 838.6
May 1076.3
June 1034.0
July 1011.9
Aug 261
September 1186.9
Oct 922.9
Nov 954.7
Dec 970.9
total 11038.3

I will happy to equal that next year, but I'll go for a bit more "because I can"


Ant said...

Congrats Dee - that is a huge effort and shows your commitment to cycling, you both should be very proud! You especially, a substantial kicking of BOAB's butt too.

We wish you both a Happy New Year. Have a couple of celebratory glasses of something nice tonight. I certainly intend to.

Dee said...

Happy New year to you too. I am thinking about time recording after reading your latest post. I need to figure out a way to automate the logging because I WILL forget.

Groover said...

"I will happy to equal that next year, but I'll go for a bit more "because I can" - Nice one! I'm sure you will! Happy New Year, Dee!

Dee said...

And to you! Hope we all enjoy lots of long, safe rides this year, and in the years to come.

Bluenoser said...

I'd be happy with half of that Dee.


Dee said...

Considering the weather you get and the schedule you work, you should be pretty chuffed with the kms you get in. I doubt very much I would do as many if I was in Canada.

Look out for black ice this morning, I have been watching the weather in NS overnight (for you) and it is looking dangerous.

Flame throwers on the Portland perhaps?