Sunday, January 24, 2010

battening down the hatches

Issued at 4:10 pm on Sunday 24 January 2010

At 4pm EST, ex-Tropical Cyclone Olga was located just off the North Tropical Coast near Port Douglas. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Neville was located off the Herbert and Burdekin coast. Both systems have weakened and are now part of a vigorous monsoon trough that is forecast to move onto the coast between Cooktown and the Whitsundays this evening.

Heavy rainfall is expected to develop this evening and continue on Monday and may lead to localised flash flooding.

Damaging wind gusts to 100 kph are expected in some parts of the exposed coast between Port Douglas and the Whitsundays.

Flooding rains will be welcome here. They are about the only sort of rains we get, and the dams are far from full. I didn't ride this morning, because the radar looked like rain was going to start bucketing any time, but it has failed to deliver so far and I am kicking myself for not getting out in cool, overcast if slightly cyclonic conditions.

Nobody ever regrets going for a ride, but you always regret not riding.

The week is looking bad, but I took tomorrow off as a filler between the weekend and Australia day, so I can take my fendered hardtail out for a fun run tomorrow and get good and wet. It is a whole different sport and will be a hoot. I figure I'll have the river circuit to myself too.


Once Known as The Badger said...

If you believe it's a hoot, then it is! I've learned that over the years. What I used to hate about certain aspects of cycling (rain, descending, etc.), I learned to embrace, and finally, to love it too.

Bluenoser said...

I did a max heart rate test on the trainer for my Birthday no less at the field house in Bridgewater yesterday. It was somewhere on the other side of the snowbank.

The fieldhouse that is, the heartrate was 180 not bad for 53.


Dee said...

I think the 'shed training' with a bunch of other people is a stroke of genius for winter. Great result!