Thursday, January 28, 2010

craving a long ride

Lots of folks would think I am a star for cycling in the rain every day, but I am feeling defeated. I rode Monday, did a hike Tuesday which left me lame, rode Wednesday and Thursday despite difficult conditions (like, the road into Uni was closed). But I will struggle to do a century this week. Even though I am doing my best, pounding out a ride to work on my old cheepie mountain bike, legs screaming up hills, I fail.

I want a long ride. I need a century of time and effort on my road bike. I feel like my lover has abandoned me.

I like my mountain bike very much. I am grinning through my rides and arriving soaked with sweat and rain, and covered in rotting vegetation, toad guts and God knows what else, but I am only half alive. I need to fly.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

You're hardcore! I feel your pain, though... Andy and I have been driving in all week, and I really just want a ride!