Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy Australia day

It is a bit rainy, but that didn't stop us celebrating Australia Day with a proper bush walk rather than a bike ride. In Townsville the bush is in the very heart of the city. It is called Castle hill, and it was my very first time up the Goat track. I can't imagine why I never got around to doing it before.
Beautiful plants, most everything in bloom, the gullies running with water...

We got up all the stairs, the track has been built up to a high level of refinement in the last couple of years from the rough track that used to wash out every year

I was happy to have a couple of native guides to get us up the goat track, then down the Cutheringa track, which is a little more natural and less steppy.

Because it was wet there were very few people out. I am assured it isn't always a wilderness experience, usually more like rush hour. No wonder though, it is very pretty.
It really was a magnificent way to start the day, and it hardly rained at all, well not that you would notice. Nice and cool too. And since you are in the city you can have a good coffee before you go home. What a fantastic place to live.

This may become my Sunday routine. It is good to give the legs something to do besides pedal.


MapManOz said...

The native guides look a bit dodgy !!!

Dee said...

Well I trusted them, and they got me to the coffee shop.