Saturday, January 9, 2010

justice is too rare

Los Angeles doctor gets 5 years in prison for deliberately striking 2 bicyclists with car. If only this happened to every road rager who does harm, and not just to cyclists. I hope when he gets out the cyclists take him for a slow ride and a coffee.


Groover said...

If only this happened to all hoons in Australia ... then the cyclists would have the roads to themselves ... :-)

Got to say, Dee, the amount of bullying and road rage I observe daily (!) on Brisbane roads (while riding but more so when driving) is alarming and disturbing. It's just really bad behaviour, just like that American doctor.

Dee said...

I am lucky that I seldom drive, and folks in cars on the road seem willing to be nice to a little lady on a bike. But we do have issues and it all boils down to selfish and rude behavior.

I recommend failing children at the kindergarten level, and holding them back till they learn to play nice.