Monday, January 18, 2010

liquid mornings

It is hot, so hot. The humidity is very high, so cycling is like a water sport. I did a soft day, only 30 kms to and from work.

The smells are amazing. As you push through warm clinging air it is saturated with the flora of summer. Rich notes of rotting vegetation, but overwhelmed by heavy floral scents. The raintrees have heady blooms, rich notes of native gardenia, divine frangipani. Impossible sweetness of murraya nearly defeated by the honeypot stink of terminalia (java almond). Fresh patch of white ginger, lingering saccharine of night blooming jasmine.

I arrive at work feeling like I have been to a tropical spa. Dripping with sweat but totally relaxed by aromatherapy. Summer in the tropics is my favorite season.


Once Known as The Badger said...

It's going to be liquid here today, too! Forty six degrees F and rain is rolling in. I'm going out anyway! I envy your heat right now.

Dee said...

I noticed that your wet season coincides with mine. Yes I am glad I get warm rains, and winter is guaranteed sunny and dry. I admire the beauty of your world though. I am not much for visiting America, but I am tempted by your desert.