Wednesday, January 13, 2010

occupational hazards

I have a paper cut. Actually, I have two paper cuts, but one is more annoying than the other. Cartographers are master paper handlers, because (surprise) we deal with print media, much of it large format (like tossing the sheet on your bed, only stiffer) every day. But champion that I am, I still manage to get a LOT of paper cuts.

This latest one is on the "web" between my right thumb and index finger. I got it archiving A4 (normal) size documents, and never gave it a thought. Then I rode home, cooked dinner, had a shower, yadda yadda, and pretty much ignored it, and the smaller cut on my middle finger, until I was cycling home today.

It was hot, I was sweaty, and I confess my gloves are not up to Department of Health standards of cleanliness. And so all my cuts stung. The one on the web is a real problem because it is opened by my hand position on my hoods. I have also had to change back to my old Vittoria shoes because I have a mysterious cut on the top of my right foot from the weekend and it bleeds if I wear my Pearl Isumi shoes. The Tropics is just such a weird and septic place in the wet season that if you ignore the smallest thing, it can blow up into a serious issue.

So here I sit slathered in Betadine (an iodine based antiseptic) because I have a paper cut, and a few contusions, and I am courting disaster. Such is life in the tropics.

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Theresa said...

I guess we have to take the good with the bad! At least you don't have tropical ulcers, these nasty sores that just randomly appear on the legs. When I was in PNG there was a woman there who had them all over her legs, and they weren't from cuts or anything. Ack. I sometimes think white people are really not meant for the tropics...