Saturday, January 23, 2010

penalty lap

What with the tour down under on TV and all that, we rode this morning, came home, showered (this is NOT an optional extra or something to be put off while you stew in soaking kit) and I got stuck into the cleaning so I could relax and watch the full stage today from 11:15 til 3 or so.

So I did all that is needful to keep the place from looking feral and THEN I ate breakfast. I do consider stirfry and rice warmed up to be breakfast, especially if it has Louisiana hot sauce all over it. Then a cup of tea and bring on the tour.

By 1:00 or so my legs were aching. "You know" says I to BoaB, "I have really learned a lesson today about nutrition and recovery. If I had taken 30 seconds to drink an "Up 'n Go" when I got home, my legs wouldn't hurt so much"

"Kit up, go ride a loop around the river (about 12 km), come home and have the recovery drink, then put on your compression tights and you will be fine" says Boab. So I jumped up and did just that, and still saw the whole dramatic and fantastic end to the race, and you know what - my legs feel fantastic.


Once Known as The Badger said...

Ah, a bonus ride, with full blessings! What a gift.

Dee said...

It was very sweet, I love doing river lappies, and at midday in the tropical summer there is hardly a soul out there. Excellent!

Groover said...

Wonder whether this will work after my next 90 k ride. :-)

Always get food into you within 45 minutes of de-chamoising, preferably with lots of protein (about 20-30g). It's the window of opportunity when your body needs it for recovery so it won't end up on your hips. :-)

Dee said...

I am learning the hard way to fuel the machine, but it is hard to eat when you are not hungry. Goes against a lifetime of dieting.