Friday, January 8, 2010

spiralling down to Friday

I kicked out on Monday, burned up Tuesday, rode hard on Wednesday, limped along on Thursday, gave it up and just rolled Friday. Hope I can keep up with the coffee riders tomorrow. If I drag my sorry ass onto a long ride Sunday I had better remember to pack lunch, maybe an afternoon snack as well. bugger.

AMR contacted me to ask how the training was going (or rather if training was going to happen). And he asked me about my goals for 2010. Up until then I hadn't really formulated any real goals (ride until I fall over, hope it doesn't happen til 2040).

So I cooked up a quick list, something like this:
To learn to group ride with some degree of comfort
To get my racing license and do all the skills training that goes with it
To do a road race and finish it, even if it takes me an embarrassingly long time
To do a long distance charity group ride (helps with the first one)
To ride with joy in my heart every day
To not let training or racing crush that joy

I should have added
To get to the top of a big hill without freaking out and stopping because it is too hard and I am going too slow.

That last one is probably going to be the hardest.

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