Saturday, February 6, 2010

coping with the wet season

Bluenoser is a bit concerned about us being off our bikes and getting a bit moldy, but there is an upside to the wet season, for all the whinging we do. It is green and pretty. If you like the smell of rotting vegetation you would think this was Paradise indeed.

But there is always an upside, every clouds silver lining. The eggplant bush, and we only have one mind you, has gone into overdrive.
I will be hitting up the Tropical Vegans site for a fresh take on this worthy vegie. And we have a fresh harvest from the banana, which is always a good thing. I am going to try some green banana as vegetable recipe tomorrow.
Aren't they lovely! They just grow and fruit and we hardly do anything at all except hack them back with a machete. It doesn't seem fair really.

These days I am getting a lot of time in on this bike:
My "Ute" bike, it is for going to the green grocers and running errands and going through puddles in wet weather. It is fun to ride and has flat pedals so I can ruin a 20 dollar pair of volleys rather than a pair of mountain bike shoes (my preferred footwear). I actually like riding in the rain on this bike, it is a mark of the seasons for me.

When the sun comes out I can get back on my beloved road bike. If I get caught in an unexpected shower BoaB kindly washes it up and lubes it before I even have a chance to think about it.
He is SUCH a peach, if I could clone him and sell him in Australia I would be very rich. There is nothing quite like a nice Canadian boy.

So we are in the air conditioning, which is dry compared to outside. We have water damage from the flooding rain and a clogged downpipe, but will get it all sorted with our excellent insurer, and we are enjoying the wet season. I love heading out at 5:30 in the heat. Honestly. It is just so lovely to be so warm.


Bluenoser said...

I only worry about you because I love you both, that's a nice bike also, and bless that BoaB for lubing you up.

hehehehe. Have to do something in the rainy season.

This blog now just rated R.


Dee said...

Tee hee indeed. We try and keep the lubing that takes place in the front garden family friendly.

After all that spit and polish I got caught in a shower this morning and all covered in grit (me and the bike) and I was a bit cross.

Nice ride to the dam though. It is a bit cooler, meaning the Canadians would complain, but survive.

Once Known as The Badger said...

Rain and more rain. I live in the desert, yet I've ridden in the rain four days in a row, and another is promised for tomorrow. Hmm. What we're missing is warmth. It's winter here, so the temps have been in the low 40s F. The Canadians would feel right at home!

Dee said...

I was very sorry to see that the weather put an end to your race last weekend. Glad though that you stayed safe and will race another day. The desert should be amazing after all the rain, 'blooming marvelous' when spring comes.