Sunday, February 21, 2010

finding my niche

There was a road race today around a circuit I have never ridden, so we rolled out early for BoaB to race and for me to have a few laps of the circuit and wrap my brain around the possibilities. So I did a lap before the races started, and when I rolled back in (it is just 4.2 kms) I was asked if I would accompany the junior racers, who usually have to wait til D grade finishes to get an escort. There was another supporter on a bike, so we both rolled, one per kid.

Well I had such fun. Following a kid on a bike and watching out for him/her is just the ticket for me. We did two laps, and I had to really coax my wee duck up the last hill, but he did really well, and powered across the finish line.

So I volunteered to do that again any time, they can count on me. If they don't need me I'll have a sufferfest of my own in D grade, but getting the future safely around the circuit is a bigger contribution to cycle sport than any effort I will ever make on my own as a racer. It is going to be a great year.

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