Thursday, February 4, 2010

hot enough

As I had a cup of coffee and read the paper online this morning, I was planning my day. Actually, I was planning how to ride in my day. I could hurry out the door and get a ride to the dam, then leave work early (say 4:30) to get home and changed and get BoaB at the airport at 6. And then I realised I was hot. A trickle of sweat was tickling down my calf as I drank coffee.

I always said, if the summer gets too hot to cycle I will take some time off the bike. Yesterday was hot, but I flogged it out to the dam, feeling sick and enjoying a sufferfest. I never made a full recovery all day. I drank lots of water but I was listless and tired. I hauled my sorry ass up Angus Smith drive at the end of the day and I had so little strength I was doing 20 kmh at the top (my PB is 37). So I rolled home and drank and slept and didn't want dinner but cooked and ate some pasta because you must.

A 31 year old guy died of a heart attack on Castle hill a few days ago. He never dreamed he couldn't do the usual in the heat, I am sure. So as I was reading his story in the paper, sweating through a coffee, I decided to grow up a little and finally take that day off the bike, because it is too hot. I live to cycle, but I want to live to cycle tomorrow. I'm not 49 anymore you know : )


Bluenoser said...

Those who fight and run away live to fight another day...


Groover said...

Not 49 anymore but the wiser! ;-)

Bluenoser said...

I followed her around the 50k loop she is not a day over 35 Groover.


Dee said...

I look a lot better from behind ; )

We should get a break in the weather next week. It is nice to have an imperative to step back. You can't go like the clappers all the time.