Sunday, February 28, 2010

on hold

After flogging the mountain bike the last couple of days this week, and not riding at all yesterday (we had nearly 90mm of rain yesterday) I am keen to have a bash at the afternoon criterion at 4pm on the V8 track, our new 'home' for all the crits, but the radar is not looking good. It has been dry all day, so much weeding has been done, but it is closing in fast and it doesn't look good for 4pm.

The forecast for the week is to stay on the mountain bike. *sigh*

I never posted my time trial times from a few weeks back, so I will now use them as filler, since there is not much happening.

Last year for the 10km Pallarenda TT I was 19:16:96
this year 18:39.20.

Considering how I plumped up over christmas, I attribute this to being more experienced, not more fit. Or maybe my fat reserves kicked in ; )

Anyway, I am keeping an eye on the weather, fingers crossed for this arvo.

3:20 update. We just had a bucketing, even though it has eased we have called it off because the track will be soaked. Looks like more on the way. Will cook instead.

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