Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pallarenda TT

5kms out, turn, 5 kms back. How hard can that be.

Well it is as hard as you make it. Wind was not a factor and a bit of thunder was encouragement to wind it up and have a red hot go, so despite the fact that I was leaner and much more 'gym fit' this time last year I had a better time. I am not sure exactly what it was but it began with 18, and last year was 19:16:96, so I am surprised and pleased.

I also feel I gave it a better effort this time, taking advantage of a tiny tail wind on the way out to pad up my time rather than holding back, and then a good old sufferfest on the home leg with a decent sprint at the end.

So then on to coffee, and a friends for a celebratory brunch, not rolling home til nearly noon in the heat and glare. Every shade pocket along the bikeway was like a bucket of cool water.

When I got home I had to take an antihistamine for a bite I got on yesterdays ride. On the inside of my elbow where the bug hit at speed, it jarred over every bump of the ride and I was sick of putting up with it. So I spent most of the day in a zombie like state, drifting in and out of sleep and quaffing water. Kind of a waste of a nice Sunday if you ask me, but I do feel luxuriously well rested now that it is wearing off, and the bite has been iced and drugged into submission at last.

So now I will whip up a Valentine's Day dinner with prawns. Still haven't decided on the flavours. Thai? Italian? Indian? I took a turn through the garden and picked a big nosegay of herbs to cover all possibilities: basil, oregano, parsley, lemon myrtle, kaffir lime leaves, a big juicy lime, mint.

The only problem is that there are so many good recipes on the net that I have only narrowed it to 6! Bring another glass of champers waiter, and leave us to peruse the menu a while longer.

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