Saturday, March 6, 2010

ack! the sun is out!

While Brisbane seems to be settling into 40 days and nights of rain, having the monsoon trough in the deep south means it is clear and sunny here. And while it is cheery to see the sun and blue skies, it is stinking hot out there, 36 when we went out for groceries after midday. I had grand plans for some garden chores, but I will be leaving them for another day.

Tomorrow is team time trial, hot or not. Actually, it was quite nice this morning, so I expect it will be just as pleasant for the race. 2 men, 2 women and my legs are like sand bags in this heat. I suspect it will be me who drags our time down. Should be fun though, and we may go to breakfast afterwards.

The race is on the Cungulla flats. Note to self, take bug spray!! I wonder if I can stomach one of those caffeine laden sugar drinks at 6 am? Rocket fuel!

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