Monday, March 8, 2010

blog in haste

... and you will have to come back the next day to explain yourself.

Jabiru are Australia's only stork. They have lovely red legs and a striking big, black beak. See Wikipedia for the exhaustive explanation.

Brolga are a member of the crane family, and one of the bigger birds we have around Townsville. Wikipedia reveals all.
image also unashamedly pinched from an image search.

Seeing these graceful "big birds" is always a real treat. We get sea eagles and pelicans in our suburb, but have to travel a bit to see these water birds. One of the things that makes packing up the bikes for a race away from the 'burbs such an attractive proposition.


Sports Clubs Downunder said...

Hey hey. Nice blog.. How do you subscribe ? I've posted an article about and listed a link to your blog. I'm from Townsville to. xD Love cycling. Got into it about 2 years back. Map My Ride - Townsville Cycling is where you will find the link.. On the casts page. Oh, how do I subscribe to your blog / follow??

Dee said...

Blogs are pull technology, not push. You can use Google Reader to to pull all the blogs you follow into one location, and that way you will always know when there is a new post. Works for me.

Hope to see you on the road! Juliette's on Saturday before 8:30 am is cycling central if you want to meet other riders.