Sunday, March 14, 2010

low bar

Today was the first criterion of the year, since the one two weeks ago was indeed rained out. There was a good roll up, some new teams in new kit. A bit of a late start because we are all tardy in getting our transponders. I will lash out and get one this week, it will make me look very Pro even though I am anything but.

I spent the day up a ladder scrubbing the wet season off of the walls and windows, until I was told it was time (after 3 pm), so I pulled on my kit and off we took to the track. No special drink, no prep, just go. I think I wasn't as well hydrated as I should have been, but I drank my bidon before the start and hoped for the best. I had eaten a decent serve of pasta for lunch and we would see how we went on that.

Pre-race instructions were in a brief but cold shower of rain. Big icy drops and the wind lashing in all directions it seemed. Then we had a few laps to warm up and I discovered that the big corner was still dry, so we only had one wet corner to contend with. Then D grade lines up and it rains again, just a brief shower, so I am nervous as we take off in the rain and the big corner is now glistening. I tip toed around every corner, I was as nervous as a cat. I got lapped (doh) but gave it a good go and enjoyed the race very much.

With the dry season on the way I should be able to see some improvements in future races on the track. And the bar is set pretty low from todays outcome, I must say.

Boab won the price of a large coffee (3rd place D grade), so he may be having a very lucrative year ahead! Revenue neutral at the Cafe is about all the success anyone needs!


Groover said...

Better safe than sorry. I used to get dropped and lapped in D-Grade all the time. :-)

The Old Bag said...

Good for you for getting out there! Racing in the rain is one thing I surely don't miss, but it always made for some good memories. And revenue neutral? Can't beat it!

Dee said...

Thanks for that Groover, but I will be amazed if I get half as good as you.

Loved the post about the new bike TOB, would be interested to know more about the scheme so I could put it in from of my employer.