Friday, March 19, 2010

out like a lion

There is a cyclone looming, and I was nervous as a cat heading out yesterday. The combination of the big low offshore and a squeezed ridge of high pressure from the Tasman Sea resulted in wind. The trees were lashing as I drank my coffee, so I didn't hurry, I would just ride to the office and I had lots of time.

I hit the bikeway and the gusts were everywhere. I was going to turn off at the bridge but it wasn't too bad, so I continued on. I turned the corner to the next bridge and the wind was impressive, so I kept going, interested to test the conditions. I passed under the highway and the wind took my breath away. I laboured forward, laughing at the effort. Just til Loam Island, I'll turn at Alambie Lane lights, I'll just go to Dunlop Street ...

I got to the dam eventually, soaked with hard work. And then the reward, and what a reward it was. I turned and flew, just flew, back the way I had come. 40kms/hr+, moderate effort, way down the big ring. Superwoman! What a feeling! The best ride ever, like riding with wings. BoaB would have been doing 50, but I was content with what I could do, and smiled all day. Got to the office exactly on time.

Today it was straight in to try and tidy up a big week at work and get home in time to start tidying under the house. Every plant pot, every lube bottle, paint tin, tool. All have to be put away in a cupboard or box and tucked away from the wind tomorrow.

Winds kicking up about 3 tomorrow, rains starting around 6. We will go for an early ride and coffee, pack up some valuables in the van, deliver it to our son's inner city parking bunker, cycle home and batten down the hatches. Cribbage anyone? The power is bound to fail, but we are good. Lots of food, wine, candles, water. I is forecast for a category 2, and will come to land around 50 kms south of us. Wild, but not too scary.


story said...
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Bluenoser said...

15 2 15 4 and the rest don't score.


Dee said...

is there a maritimer of our generation who cannot play cribbage? I think not.