Sunday, March 28, 2010

a pox on sick people who go to work

I feel awful. Thanks to the busy people with whom I work, and who not only cannot stay away when they are ill, but will actually drag sick children into the office, I am coming down with the lurgy.

I was supposed to be racing a crit right now, but I am not. BoaB had to go without me. I thought I would stay home and cook a nice dinner, but I am not really hungry and lack enthusiasm. BoaB figures when your co-workers make you sick you should be able to use their sick leave. If only. Anyway, I have a ton of sick leave, and if I feel like this tomorrow I am using some of it. I have meetings, and important projects too, but I am not sharing this around.

The big challenge will be not riding tomorrow. If you cannot stay off your bike you really must go to work. Can I do it? I might have to feel even worse than I currently do to pull it off. Bugger.

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