Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After a soft training ride around the V8 track yesterday, I wasn't looking for much today. BoaB and me did about 25kms of lappies, and I got better and better at the corners. It is never a soft run because the headwind as you head north on the eastern straight cannot be ignored. But then you turn south and the tailwind gives you a break and around the corner to the headwind.... I love the rhythm of it. Dig deep, soft pedal, repeat.

As we were finishing the time equivalent of Sundays warm up and race (not the effort equivalent!) I mentioned to BoaB that I would have to adjust my pedals when we got home. I have worn out my second pair of Richie MTB Pro v4 pedals, so I swapped the newish pair on my seldom ridden dual suspension mtb bike to the road bike. They were set way tighter, so I wouldn't loose my clip when bouncing over stuff, and the lack of float was making my feet go numb. The road from the track to the bike way is rough aggregate, and it must have vibrated my pedals because as we approached a road intersection I could not unclip my left foot. I am seriously left footed, and I struggled til I was to the must stop part of the intersection. It never occurred to me that I have a right foot (der) and so I fell over, as you do.

Boab broke out the tool kit and loosened the pedals there and then. A nice motorist doubled back to see if I was OK (just embarrassed thanks!) and we rode home. I had a very swollen elbow, but a good icing put it right and it only hurts if I roll over on it while attempting to sleep.

So not an auspicious start to the week, and I rolled out this morning with no expectations. And my ride was magnificent. My legs felt strong and I made good time to the dam and then work. I powered up my hill with a smile. I don't know what was wrong but I am better. Joy in my heart. That is all I want from my ride, and it has returned.


Theresa said...

Oh no! Glad you're okay, but I can imagine how embarrassing that would have been.

Groover said...

Sorry to hear about the tumble but welcome to the club. I took the "oh, I'm clipped in' tumble in front of about 50 Sunday lunchers in front of two cafes. :-)

Glad you are feeling better.