Thursday, April 8, 2010

holiday mode

I am in holiday mode. I thought this would mean endless hours rolling up big miles, but such is the state of my house after a very good wet season, that I am cleaning instead. I tried riding some decent distances with BoaB every day of the Easter weekend, and I was just useless for the rest of the day. I can ride heaps, but I can't ride heaps and have the energy levels I require to gad about and do the chores.

So no epics this week, but by the end of the day tomorrow my house will be very clean indeed, the gardens are (mostly) all weeded, a veggie patch is planted, the linen cupboard has been culled and refolded, and ditto my sock drawer and my t-shirt drawer. I have even culled some cycling knicks that were "no longer group ride friendly" - or maybe I should say they had gotten too friendly...

My wardrobe was getting too full because I hang up my jerseys, and I seem to have accumulated a great number, so I biffed a lot of my clothes. Who needs clothes anyway.

Now I just need to tee up the external house washers, and then I will be ready to start painting. *sigh* I have over 30 days of leave to use up, and I will need them all.

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