Thursday, April 1, 2010

junk miles

Actually, I don't believe there is such a thing as junk miles. Every turn of the crank, in anger or repose, is a good thing.

So yesterday found me in recovery from sickness and with 60+ kms to go to make the magical 1000 kms a month nice round number. Early morning rain kept me in bed for the 5am training option (BoaB is a hard man and went anyway) and I had pretty much given up hope when I finally got it together to roll at 7:48. I had no intention to go to the dam, so I just packed a water bottle for the commute to work, no breakfast, no endura, no up-n-go for a quick breakie on the run.

When I got to the turn to the bridge and work I just couldn't do it, so I carried on and went to the dam, and it was easy, and running on empty didn't seem to matter (I had pasta for dinner) and my legs felt strong. I got to work elated and sad to stop pedalling, but the rain hit me as I turned into the campus and the last 10 minutes on the bike had me soaked to the skin and shivering, so a hot shower was in order. Time to stop. 34 kms, 9:10 arrival. So I am late. Shoot me.

Do you feel your employer could do more for you? That you deserve those perks that executives enjoy? Ride a bike. Then a long hot shower at you workplace is your perk. And a wall mounted hand dryer is provided to dry your hair. And you can sink into your standard office steno chair with a sigh and enjoy a physical rest, while your brain works hard.

End of the day, kit up, do an extra special run to the end of the bikeway and back, then meet up with BoaB to deliver some sample lights to a fellow cyclist, then home and 1004 kms for the month. Just like that. It is easy once you build it into your life.

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Bluenoser said...

You have the legs. I've seen them work. A content employee is a productive employee, we know that Dee.

1000 per month... you Aussies. I've got 150 in this week. Nice weather, time off.