Sunday, April 18, 2010

living like a normal person

This is Rusty. He is 14+ years old and he has a big tumor on his knee. He gets around well for an old encumbered dog, and has earned the right to sleep in my bed when he feels like it.

Last Tuesday though he woke up with his good knee too sore to stand on, and with BoaB away I had to carry him down the stairs (I still can't believe I managed it), get to work, phone for a home visit vet, change appointments, get back home for the vet. Of course I drove the car so I could cope with all this, and although he came good really quickly with a pain killer and muscle relaxant, I drove the car the next couple of days as well so I could get to other appointments and check on Rusty, and generally leave as late and get home as early as possible.

It has been years since I have driven a car for 3 days in a row. So I lived 3 days like all the 'normal' people who clog up the roads and I have to say, they can have it. I am over it. My last appointment of the week was Thursday, at my own Doctor's. "Your blood pressure is a bit high" she says. !!! Well I drove here in the CAR, of course my blood pressure is up! I am stressed OUT! And I haven't ridden my bicycle for 3 DAYS! "Well you had better get back on it soon".

So Friday Rusty was looking bright as a button, so I rode to work. Saturday was a good coffee ride, and I am starting to feel like a real normal person again. My kind of normal I mean.


Theresa said...

Aw, I'm really glad to hear Rusty came good. He looks like a beautiful housemate! And I know what you mean about driving in -- Andy and I drove in today (scared of a few raindrops!) and the traffic, which is really nothing in the scheme of traffic, was miserable. Makes me realise I'd rather be a little muddy.

Dee said...

It was surprisingly nice cycling in the soft rain this morning. Very dirty, but a lovely temperature and it smelled fantastic. Don't get that in a car!