Friday, April 30, 2010

loving Tour de Romandie

I have been sneaking away a bit early and scalding it home to see the Tour de Romandie at 5pm. Boab is home sick so this is a nice way to relax together and see some cycling. It has been lovely to watch. I know it is a bike race (der) but the sights of the spring countryside in Romandie has tugged my heartstrings. The verdant green of the pastures, dotted with yellow blooms (primrose? Dandelion? daffodil? ) blooming pear, cherry and forthysia. The architecture of the houses, the quality of the hedgerows. So lovely, and all in bloom a full month ahead of eastern Canada. It amazes me still that the climate in Canada is so harsh. I never really thought about when I lived there.

A bonus today was the sound of a familiar name as 'Arthur Vichot' broke away at about the 10km mark, and although he finished lucky 13th it was a thrill to see Australia's 'adopted son' do so well. It is nice to get to know some European riders and he looks like a great young talent.

Yet another long weekend this week (I love Australia) but we will see how we go cycling with BoaB fighting a chest infection again. I am at peace because I got my 1000kms for April and May awaits. I probably need a rest day - the last one was the 18th. Time files when you are having fun.


Groover said...

I, personally, would prefer to have the public holidays a bit more evenly spread across the course of the year. Heading down to the Battle of the Border tomorrow. AMR is racing.

Have a great long weekend. Hope BoaB perks up soon.

Dee said...

There will be a Townsville bunch at the Battle, maybe next year we'll get down as well. Looks like marvelous county.

Anonymous said...
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