Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I do like being a Mother, even though I have sort of finished the job and am now an interior decoration/maintenance/financial advisor. We opted to have dinner at our son's last night, where I was given a purple hyacinth at the perfect bud stage, my son's justifiably famous Sheppard's pie and a decent red wine.

This morning I wimped out of a very hard race, which I am now feeling gutted about. I didn't even know about it til yesterday, as it wasn't in the draft schedule, and I failed to achieve mental readiness in time. Not only that, but I was already booked into a wine tasting followed by dinner and hadn't managed to get the bike clean and ready... doh, I need to embrace rule 5.

The wine tasting was excellent though, my first taste of Penfold's Grange, and a few other Penfold wines too expensive for normal consideration, as well as some other expensive wines. The best part was at the end, when BoaB insisted we taste an affordable wine, which we all agreed we liked best. Funny how the wallet educates the palette.

Anyway, I slept in late (that would be 6:45) had a few coffees and read all the media and checked up on the Giro, and Boab cooked jalapeño cornbread. Then I spent the day in the garden doing the sort of weeding, edging and tidying that most people never even notice you have done, but which makes your garden PRO. There are many ways to introduce PRO into your life, and they are not all about the bike.

My gift for being a good wife and mother from BoaB was a complete clean of the bike, with a new cluster and spotless lubed chain to start the week. You know, my whole superannuation fund is in shares, with all that implies in these strange financial times, and I could care less. Hopefully I have time to recover from the madness over the next 15 years til I retire. If not, all I want is a clean bike, a veggie patch and cheap wine. The future so bright ya got to wear shades...


Bluenoser said...

Hold it now?? What did I miss here? Did you leave work?

And Happy Mother's Day.


Dee said...

No, I am still slogging away at the cartographic coalface, and if the world stockmarkets keep this up, I may never be able to stop. Good thing I like it!

啟佐 said...

how do u do?