Monday, May 31, 2010


Karma baby. What goes around comes around.

If you cycle every day, by yourself, over a considerable distance, be kind. I always ask "are you right?" if I see a cyclist not peddling. I carry 2 spare tubes, one for me and one for whoever. I have a pump, tools, an extra muesli bar.

On Friday I was behind a commuter coming from the city, and as he changed gears to enter the bikeway his derailleur sheared off, smacked into his back wheel snapping many spokes, and he chucked a HUGE wobbly (as you would) and came to a halt. So I stopped too and checked he was alright, commented that my toolkit probably wasn't up to the task, and offered him my mobile to call for backup. Then we had a proper natter, and it turns out he stopped a few days before and helped a lady change a tire near where we stood.

Ah, we both observed, good karma. That is why I was right behind you today (I was going to go up to the V8 track and changed my mind).

Monday morning I am having the usual sufferfest to the dam (windy, cold, very snotty ride) and I realise I have a flat, that distinctive bump, bump, bump.

I stop and take off the wheel and I am struggling to get the tire off, I can't seem to get the bead to come out of the rim for more than a few cms. And then a gent who I had passed (and hailed with a hearty G'day) a few kms back rolled up and stopped. He is a real classic who I see often, but have never met, and now I am glad I had a flat.

My leavers just were not cutting it, so he brought out his. I nearly swooned, They were worn, and metal, and like delicate spoony surgical instruments. My tire quickly cooperated and the deed was done as we chatted. He is 91. Rides 100 kms a week. Started racing on the Tablelands as a youth, raced in Melbourne in the 40s. He is a genuine Kokoda track digger. He is still as hansom as.

We shook hands, and I am hoping I can organise a coffee with him next time we catch up. Isn't cycling grand.

I passed a rider sitting by the bikeway today with his bike down and phone in hand. "Are you right?" I called. "No worries" he replied. Sweet. Good karma.


Once Known as The Badger said...

Me, too. I was once with a flat tire 15 miles from home, and I had to get to a job, too. I had used all my patches and was in a real bind. Someone rode by, gave me their spare tube and I made it to work on time. I always ask if someone needs help when I see them off their bike. It seems only fair.

Dee said...

Gee Darryl, I'm just a typical rural Canuk. But thanks. It is true that if everybody cared about everybody else, all problems solved. We live in hope.

Bluenoser said...

Look Good Karma up in the dictionary Dee and I'm sure your picture is there.


Joboo said...

A kind word or a kind gesture always beats the nasty's..... everytime!!
Yesterday my son and I had a ride, and a younger couple was completely lost on their 4wheelers (damn wheelers LOL), not 3 miles from town. A short chat, a few turn lefts, then turn right, you should know right where you are. Besides feeling good about helping them out, my karma should be good for oh, I don't know 7 days?? Lol
Peace, Joboo