Sunday, May 16, 2010

living vicariously

Last night saw us out for a rare social after dark. We cycle, do chores, eat, sleep. But last night we went out on the town and got home very late indeed. So we settled down with the internet and found a live feed for the Giro and watched, mesmerized, the best stage EVER in the classics.

The riders hated the mud, but it was old school epic. I figure if you can cycle at that level a bit of dirt and mud is doable, and it was amazing to see the stage unfold. I admit that Cadel Evans is my hero, and to see him calmly take the lead over that hard end to a stage and finish with poise was fantastic. Yes I sacrificed a race to stay up so late and see the pros do it. It was an inspiration, and I am privileged to have that race as part of my cycling memory.

I think I will try and make a few memories of my own now. Go Cadel.


Loving the Bike said...

Yeah, it was an awesome day wasn't it? It's all about maximizing the satisfaction level.....if it takes sacrificing a race once to experience something like that....then it's definitely the right thing to do.

Keep up the great cycling and nice writing.


Groover said...

When I watched the footage on Youtube the next morning I kept wondering for the entire last kilometer how Cadel was going to pull it off. I knew the result but I was still on the edge of my seat ... agree, it's extremely inspiring stuff. Cadel was probably right at home with the mud, being an ex-mountainbiker.