Wednesday, May 26, 2010

race season

Even though I spent the weekend in a stupor, there was racing going on. I only took out a club (sporting) license this year because I am a newbie and I need to stay home with my aged dog. The real racers were in Mackay (about 350km south) for a big weekend. Thanks to Melissa Stafford there are some pictures, and since I have been woeful with the camera for ages I thought you might like a look at 'winter' racing in the tropics.
Tony Zancetta. When I grow up I want thighs like his. Really. He is so scary powerful. And it is a good look, gives peole something to think about.
Adrian strikes a pose. Yes he is a big fella. You want to tuck in behind someone on a windy day, fight your way up to Adrian. He is also a great trainer, really kind and talks you through anything.
Adrian, Les and Sue racing through the sugar cane fields. Very Queensland!
Super shot of the race with cane tram tracks and the tall sugar in the background. So this is what winter racing looks like here. Pretty tough eh! Congratulations to the big contingent who traveled down from Townsville, you all did us proud.

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