Friday, May 14, 2010

a symphony

Even when I was a teenager I couldn't imagine the life of a rock star. It seems glamorous, but really, you are trapped in an endless loop of performing the same old songs over and over, and I need to be on the bleeding edge of change to be happy.

Cycling has made a lie of that statement for me though. I love my loops. I cycle the same stretches of road over and over, 10,000 kms a year never much further than 30kms from my home. I should be bored and frustrated, but instead, I finally understand a rock star. It only looks the same to an outsider. Every repetition is actually a new experience. A phrase that is slower or faster. A subtle nuance of wind that makes a ride harder or easier. I am fine tuning my rides, searching for perfect pitch. The perfect delivery. A deep emotion.

Writing a perfect symphony. Then fine tuning it over a lifetime. I have much to do.

1 comment:

Groover said...

The closer the roads to home the more I dread them. I'm always looking for new roads that take me farther.

Loved the sentiment of your post though!