Saturday, June 12, 2010

It has been a pretty basic week. I have probably cycled a bit too much, but I seem to need the hours on the bike for my soul, and my body will just have to cope. My neck and shoulder are feeling much better, and since borrowing a book from the JCU library recommended by the Bluenoser called "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" I expect things to really progress. It is amazing that when you start digging around as they describe you find a really sore bit, manipulate it some, and it feels way better.

Anyway, when you have had a slow news weeks it is a good thing, and I here by offer you some filler in the form some photos taken minutes ago in my beloved yard. Behold a veggie bed in full flight. The squash to the left looks so bad I nearly pulled it out, until I realised it has cascaded down the back of the bed and is healthy and green on that side.
We have a wee spider in the front garden. It is a golden orb spider, and when the light catches the web just right it is indeed a metallic golden yellow. BoaB has a decent sized hand, and there is another of these spiders high in the back yard that is way bigger.

I think she is lovely. The male is in the picture too I thought, but he is such a wee thing that you can't see him at all.
Winter means orchids in bloom. Notice the high fence. I have really adapted to the enclosed yard, and love the feeling of privacy a six foot fence gives. I think in a "big city" like Townsville (hold your guffaws all you big city types) that you need a bit of control over your patch. We actually padlock the gates.
I love the true orange of this hibiscus, but it requires serious spraying to keep the insects from ruining the blooms, hence they are not perfect because I am a bit organic in my approach.

So that is it. I had a good week cycling (will easily roll 300+), and my legs are tired. Rusty is responding well to shots for arthritis and is full of beans. Good news from Boab who has moved buildings and is improving quickly in the bronchial department. Work is still fun, we have a great crop of honours and phd students this year and they really stretch me and inspire me.

It's all good.

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Bluenoser said...

Glad things are working out Dee for you and BoaB.

That's one heck of a spider... did you name him Boris?