Monday, June 14, 2010

just happening

It was the Queen's birthday this weekend. Actually it probably wasn't really, but it was a Monday off work so who cares. We slept in late (for us) and had coffee and hot French loaf we had prepared the dough for in the evening. Then we wandered out into the morning and got stuck into some gardening. Gardening isn't something you intend to do when you step outside, it just starts with a weed pulled, and then some fallen leaves swept up, and before you know it you are in a pruning frenzy and the beds have been edged. Gardening just happens.

A pause for lunch and we decided to deliver a DVD back to a friends house. It isn't far so I just pulled on an old pair of knicks with my t-shirt, shrugged on my trusty knapsac, filled a waterbottle and off we went. It is about 6 kms to our friends place where we popped the DVD into the mailbox, as they were at the movies. Want to go to the dam? Sure, so off we went. What a nice day and I am rolling along and the cars are passing us and I realise they probably think we are doing something purposeful, like exercising, or training. But we aren't, we are just riding - for the shear fun of it. Would the average punter get that?

It is clear and dry so I drink up and refill at the dam (the ranger assures me that the tap on the side of the donga is safe, it is the one at the front which isn't potable - well so far so good) and suggest we do the Kelso loop. Away we go and it is marvelous, the sun on our backs and a fresh cool breeze, you could cycle forever. The surface is rough out there though, so my elbows and shoulders are glad to get back on the main road, and we turn onto the bikeway and home.

45kms to deliver a DVD. My T-shirt is soaking, and I am cold as soon as we stop moving. People who don't get lycra have obviously got no sweat glands. What a lovely day, sometimes cycling, like gardening, just happens.


Bluenoser said...


I'm thrilled with what you wrote. People need to see more of us out on our bikes in just normal cloths just tooling around... even if it was 45k.


Dee said...

Blue, if I could bottle the way I felt that day, and every day I ride, there wouldn't be a car on the road and the world would be humming with peace.