Monday, June 7, 2010


The bad news is I seem to have done myself an injury. The good news is the only time it doesn't hurt is when I am cycling. I have done something to the muscle that runs from behind your neck and into your shoulder on my right hand side. Sleep has been difficult the last couple of nights, but I had a date to ride this am, so I was up early and out the door and too bad if you are tired.

Groover was wondering about tricks to get yourself moving on these colder mornings and I would have to say that a promise is the most persuasive. If I tell you I will be there at x o'clock, I'll be there if I have to crawl the last km. So it was on the bike and out to meet someone who is keen and new to town. I would have wimped out for sure if a promise had not been made. My neck and shoulder hurt, I was dog tired and it was 13 degrees.

I opted to wear my Skins bibs, which have a top like a bathing suit, under my SUB warm jacket. It was just right. My riding partner is from Canberra and she was surprised by the jacket. "Are you hot in that?" Hardly! it is easy to vent with the front zip, and I was toasty and happy. The Skins knicks are really nice. I like something close to my torso when it is cold, plus they fit beautifully and the chamois is perfect. Sadly I got them for about half price because they were end of the range last pair.

We had a nice ride, then I turned for work and rolled up in good time. I had a hot shower and changed for the day, and got in about 2 hours work at the computer before the pain became so bad I had to get up and move around. Being a mouse jockey shouldn't hurt so bad, but drawing a map today was harder than climbing a hill.

Desperate, I booked some physiotherapy for the end of the day. I rode there (I chose the practice because they are practically on the bikeway) and now I have been painfully manipulated, acupunctured and electronically bothered, and relieved of cash. I am sore and tender, but at least I tried. I'll settle down with a hot compress later and hope for the best. Soft day tomorrow as I need to ride to the city for a workshop, then out to work. It will be a fair number of kms, but not training pace.

But I have a date for Wednesday, and I can't wait for a good ride.


Once Known as The Badger said...

I've had that very pain, and more than once. Massage helps (I get one regularly), ibuprofen, a hot bath with epsom salts will help as well.

Bluenoser said...

Colder mornings?... Hahahahahaha?... Hahahahahahahahaha...haha..ha.

I'm ok now.


Dee said...

Badger, I bought one of those wheat filled pillows that you heat in the microwave and it seems to help a lot.

Blue, you know what a hot house flower I am...

Groover said...

Thanks for the link love, Dee.

I made good use of those heat pillows after my car accident last year when I had the whiplash injury but I think the Bikram Yoga really fixed my neck at the end. I hope your 'pain in the neck' will be sorted soon so you can enjoy painfree nights.

Once Known as The Badger said...

I forgot about wheat filled pillows. I sleep on two such things every night, sans the heat. One can get just the right angle and position with those pillows. Nothing else comes close!