Monday, June 28, 2010


I didn't race on Sunday. After a festive evening it seemed a good idea to lie in, have a rest day. Now it gnaws at my guts that I didn't even try. *sigh* When did cycling become such an imperative? When did I loose the right to choose?

Ass up tomorrow for a bash to the dam. It may turn cold and rain this weekend, in true "show day" tradition in Townsville. I will race this Sunday. I must.


Ant said...

Really like the new layout! I've seen the new Blogger editor but haven't had a play with it yet.

I am very impressed.

Dee said...

It took about two minutes to change the look with the new templates. In the fullness of time I want my own background image etc., but it is nice to see a fresh change so quickly. It seems a bit bandwidth intense - I get a black load before the image comes up, so I hope it is not a drag if someone has slow internet (that would be us Aussies).