Friday, July 30, 2010

got bike!

I didn't think a more expensive bike would be better, but it is - so I bought it. I test drove almost 50kms to make up my mind today. Carbon is so smooth, and light is so fast. They had me hook, line and sinker.

I'll do a photoshoot this weekend. I am trying hard not to fret and feel bad about selling my old bike. I love that bike and it changed my life. I guess it is a proven performer and it is going to a new person who will love it as much. I hope so, because it is beautiful to have a relationship with your bike.


AMR said...

Love the new look (blog), waiting to see the new bike... Why not keep the old one for commuting, training in the rain... ?

Ant said...

Don't feel bad about selling your bike - it drew you in the world of cycling, and now it is off to draw in another.

Photos - please!

Dee said...

I love to ride my best bike all the time. I have a new best bike and I will commute on it, because I build my training into the commute. Why cycle 6 kms to work when you can spin up 40??

My old bike will start a new love affair, and I am not even jealous.

Groover said...

First of all, congrats on the purchase and can't wait for the pics. But like AMR: Don't sell the old bike! I still ride my Trek 1500 (sometimes) and to this day regret having ever sold my very first Cannondale anno 1992.