Monday, July 12, 2010

how I spent my summer (winter) vacation

I know it is July and winter, but it is hard to refer to July as anything but summer after a lifetime of conditioning. What with the fields of sunflowers and shimmering heat of the Tour de France, I am feeling a bit summery. It is also the nicest (warmest) winter in a long time, feels like summer in NS to me.

I note with interest that real athletes take whole blocks of time of for recovery. Today I decided to save my energy for some chores, and take a second (!) day off the bike. I hung out with a best mate,
and he seemed to enjoy a day spent in one spot with me in sight as I got stuck into 'the holiday project'. Here you see a half day of effort, scraping paint off of the french doors with the wee tool in the photo. It is hard work, but once you get a bit of practice and a leading edge it goes along.
When I finish these doors there are more, as well as casements and sills. *sigh* I am riding tomorrow, surely I can do this when I am sleepy....


Groover said...

Thanks for the link love, Dee. I'm not just quite sure if you are mocking me. LOL

And yes, it took me ten years to learn to think of July/August as "winter" and December as "summer".

Dee said...

I am approaching my 15th year, and I am still in seasonal limbo.

No mocking intended! I am sincere in my admiration for your (and AMRs) training and racing!