Sunday, July 11, 2010

nurturing the inner bogan

Or revhead... whatever. We went to the V8 races today and I have to confess it was a lot better than I expected.
BoaB, our Boyo, Roommate of Boyo. They talked us into going. "It will be fun, really!" and they bought the tickets so what can you say?
The cheap seats. We actually had 2 tickets to the fancy bleachers but this was better. You sit in your own comfy chair. The view over BoaBs shoulder includes a big screen, and the cars roar past plenty close. My ears are still sore.

The people watching was excellent. There were shirts and outfits for lots of teams and events from the past, as well as the cool kit for this event. I love my cycling and these people are just as excited to see their heroes as I am to spot Cadel or Robbie. As an Australian cultural experience it was really great.

I am pleased to note that the cars driving under a safety flag they are only twice as fast as me around the track. ; ) When they are racing they are almost 5 times as fast, but then I don't have a V8 under the hood!

If you like car races and want to enjoy the best weather Townsville has to offer then come next year. It is actually a really fun day out and we will probably return next year.

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