Saturday, July 10, 2010

on holiday

I am on leave from work. Canadians will be shocked to learn that in Australia there are so many public holidays, such generous leave provision, that it can build up til you get a note from the boss suggesting you may want to consider actually taking some time off. Since this is field season and the office is like a ghost town, and the Tour is on the tele, I am having a couple of weeks off.

So far I have cycled too much, vacuumed every day, edited all the commercials out of the Tour so I can actually enjoy watching it, reordered and cleaned my kitchen cupboards, tossed stuff out. I have cleaned each link of the chain on my bike with a screwed up baby wipe so that it is just like new, inside and out, and of course washed the bike and oiled the chain.

Today I had a nap, but it is pretty common for that to happen on Saturdays. I have had a thorough catch up on many blogs and forums. Inspired by AMR I think I will do some product reviews in coming days.

I will remember to take the camera out for some rides and liven up this rather dull BLOG.


Ant said...

How are you saving the TdF footage? I've got a Tivo box, and can pull saved programs from there to the PC, and then edit. Previous years I have been able to edit ads out of the Tour, but this year I think SBS have encrypted their signal, and the script I was using to convert from .tivo to mpeg-2 is now defunct.

Dee said...

I am low tech. I have a hard drive attached to my (CRT!) TV which I set up to record daily. It lets me edit. I am forever grateful to SBS that they have the same yellow screen interrupt before and after every ad break, so now I am getting practiced I can fast forward at breakneck speed and mark all the edits in jig time.