Sunday, July 4, 2010


We rode the V8 track this morning. The barriers are up and the roads are closed, and there was a ride for charity so we rode. Afterwards there was a race and we rode that too. Three D graders, we need to recruit a few more! But there were a few novices, and a good roll out for A,B and C grade, so I just settled in for a hard ride and stayed out of the way as best I could. If you didn't lap me I don't think you tried hard enough ;p

A half hour and two laps, on top of 4 slow laps for charity, two warm up laps and a cool down one. 2.7 kms each and the ride to the track and home = 50+ kms. Not that big an effort, but after getting showered up, eating a huge and beautiful brunch at a friends and going home to a nap I am still just toasted.

Tour de France live at 10pm. Hopefully I'll have some energy to do a few chores tomorrow. At least the dog is getting some quality time. He just loves naps.

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