Monday, August 30, 2010

link love

I don't often 'advertise' websites, and I am especially cautious about linking to map ones, because I have MANY bookmarked and I figure the average punter who cycles would get map fatigue pretty quickly. But Google Maps Mania had a really cool link this weekend, and it especially hit home because, well, there are links to home. The Virtual Paintout is a site that has a " Main Rule:
The artist must use a view found through Google Street View as the reference for the painting or drawing. "

This month the "exotic location" is PEI (Prince Edward Island) which is dear to me because my Mother is from there and many wonderful summer holidays were spent at my Aunt's cottage and my Grandparents house in Charlottetown. A few months back (I think it was November) the location was Bluenoser's back yard, and I really enjoyed that too.

I wish I was an artist, and not just a technician. I make beautiful maps, but not art. I think when I have time, I will do some art classes. And I know where to look for inspiration.

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